Customer Project Eleanor

Standard ’67 Mustang Fastback that required the modern feel and performance but retains those classic lines.

The project is a real one-off. The firewall has had to be moved backwards with a custom design sheet metal work to take the monster 5.4 2012 GT 500  Shelby v8 the produces 750bhp. The engine has caused some other problems with the original shock towers. The original towers have had to be removed and replaced with bespoke independent front suspension. Again the custom bodywork has been designed and built by Mustang Maniac. There was not enough space when we first tried the engine in the bay, the firewall would have to be moved.

Update 24/8/2013

We are back to working on this Eleanor again. We have finished the welding up for the Firewall.

Why did we have to move the fire wall? To take this monster of course. a Genuine Factory GT500 engine shipped over straight from the factory.

why did we have to remake the Tunnel? To take this beast of a gearbox T56 6 Speed.

T56 6 Speed Transmission

T56 6 Speed Transmission

Update: 5th October 2013

We have gotten around to mounting the engine and the gearbox properly now.  We have had to cut part of the chassis away in order to take the larger radiator we will fit in the car at the front.


The engine itself we mounted close to the firewall as possible to get the weight of the engine just behind the front wheel axles as it were.  The engine mounts had to be designed and made to take this engine as the standard mounts would not fit.

The pedal proved to be a little bit of a challenge as the standard fittings would not work obviously. To get round this and to fit the customer we built a custom mount for the pedal. The floor was also covered in sound proofing as well as the fire wall.

The steering column had to made to fit the new rack and pinion steering control. The UV joint and steering column mounting are all bespoke. We went for the smooth engine bay look so we filled the chassis front in under the fire wall to make it a smooth finish, (see arrow).

The engine itself has caused some issues. Even with the big bulge on the hood the intake butterflies are sitting taller than the hood will allow. As a result we will have to make an angled plate  in  a wedge design from a single aluminium block to point the intake  point downwards.

The final part was the transmission. As we already cut the bespoke holes for the shift this mounted pretty well and married up cleanly.

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