C4 Fully Reconditioned Gearbox

These superb reconditioned gearboxes are rebuilt to our highest specs and there are no corners cut. The internal parts that could wear for the alignment of the gears are machined for each individual gearbox as required. Each one of these auto-boxes we have fitted has been an absolute pleasure to drive afterwards. These gearboxes are probably as close to a NOS part as you could get from the factory. There is of course the torque converter that is opened up, cleaned and resealed to fit the gearboxes. The cost is not as much as you think for a top quality rebuild for a part that makes the world of difference to your driving pleasure.

C4 side

C4 control side

C4 reconditioned

C4 other side

C4 Front

C4 Front

(Please note: the dog does not come with this part!)

2 Responses to C4 Fully Reconditioned Gearbox

  1. Ezra Reeves says:

    Hi there how much is a reconditioned gearbox ? Thanks

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